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Feb 23, 2022 - Feb 28, 2022

Outta This World 6 Day Challenge

  • 6Days
  • 6Steps
Everyone who has completed all the steps will get a badge when the program ends.


Are you in need of a catalyst that will ignite your daily commitment to self-care? Join us for a 6 Day Challenge commencing this Wednesday 23rd February. 1 BODYART class every day for 6 consecutive days. No competition. No expectations. Just kindness. What’s in store? Class 1: Floating - work against gravity with lightness and strength in the body Class 2: The Big Bang - an endurance class designed to help you move with quality for longer Class 3: Alien Abduction - something for the outer glutes and side body Class 4: Planet Rock - Pelvic control, stability and lower abdominal strength Class 5: The Cosmos - total body nourishment, looking after our full physical universe Class 6: The Neil Armstrong - Cultivate upper body strength through intention and appropriate activation

You can also join this program via the mobile app.





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