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Don’t get fusion conFUSED

Right now, we want more from our workout. We want to save time and yet still feel the same benefit. Luckily, there are loads of classes offering to fuse a variety of styles to satisfy the COVID warrior. But is the class really a FUSION? Or is it simply two reduced classes back to back?

bodyART movements are choreographed to truthfully fuse the attack, energy and power of a HIIT workout, with the strength, balance and mindfulness of Yoga. The result: a highly effective and sustainable training program!

Next time you choose your fusion class, ask yourself the question, is this fusion?  Or have they got it conFUSED? Or should I just take bodyART?

Our NEXT class is Tuesday 1st September, 9am GMT. Join us live or on catch up for 60 days using the link in my bio.

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