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What does bodyART and shampoo have in common?

We all clean our hair right? We may do so at different intervals but I can say with confidence that the majority of people with hair, choose to wash it somewhat regularly to first and foremost restore it’s appearance.

But then we have a choice to make when it comes to deciding which shampoo will comply with what our hair REALLY needs. We need to pick a bespoke shampoo (budget permitting) that corresponds with a particular deficit in the health of our hair.

There’s no chore in that, in fact it’s probably the part of hair washing that brings a mundane task to life. New deficit = new aromas in the shower... Yummy!

Exercise might be mundane to you, it might also be the reason you get up in the morning. Personally though, too many fitness classes demand that you experience it one way, the hard way, the aggressive way, the abusive way.

I want my warriors to think of bodyART like they do their shampoo. BodyART is thing that will clean up their body as part of a healthy lifestyle. How they want to take that class though should correspond with that extra choice of picking what the health of their body REALLY needs. Here’s a few Garnier ideas for inspiration that I love:

☯️ The Wholesome Nourisher - bodyART as a whole-istic nourisher for body & mind

☯️ The Delicate Soother - mindful bodyART that listens to your body to facilitate rehabilitation from injury or allows you to work with limitation

☯️ The Weightless Nourisher - bodyART using only your body weight to promote muscular strength and tone

☯️ The Strength Restorer - bodyART as part of a consistent program to build strength or recover strength from injury

☯️ The Marvellous Transformer - bodyART which will put your functional health first to transform your body both inside and outside

☯️ The Daily Nourisher - AKA MY FAVOURITE. Regular bodyART taken at your own pace to turn over a healthy, functional and LONG LASTING BODY

Which one will you pick? Join me for our September series of classes. 3 classes for £10, hit pricing on your member homepage and select monthly subscription to get started!

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