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What does bodyART and shampoo have in common?

We all clean our hair right? We may do so at different intervals but I can say with confidence that the majority of people with hair, choose to wash it somewhat regularly to first and foremost restore it’s appearance.

But then we have a choice to make when it comes to deciding which shampoo will comply with what our hair REALLY needs. We need to pick a bespoke shampoo (budget permitting) that corresponds with a particular deficit in the health of our hair.

There’s no chore in that, in fact it’s probably the part of hair washing that brings a mundane task to life. New deficit = new aromas in the shower... Yummy!

Exercise might be mundane to you, it might also be the reason you get up in the morning. Personally though, too many fitness classes demand that you experience it one way, the hard way, the aggressive way, the abusive way.