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April Rocket Fuel

April Rocket Fuel


How it works:

1. Purchase one 'April Rocket Fuel' voucher per warrior


You can make an online payment (£5.50 with service fee) or pay by bank transfer (£5.00 when you select 'offline payment' at checkout)


2. Upon receipt, you will receive a pdf document with details on how to join Jaye's Inner Circle on Facebook


And that's it! We'll see you in class on Monday 5th April at 08:00 GMT.


If you decide you would like to subscribe for the month of April, simply:


1. Visit

2. Purchase the £10 monthly plan

3. Upon receipt, you will be refunded the cost of your April Rocket Fuel (£5.00)


Please note, to take this class you will need a facebook account or have access to one.

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