As the world continues to combat the changing impact COVID-19 is having on all of our lives, Jaye’s  bodyART® will be entering a new phase of streaming live classes to your home.

Jaye’s bodyART® is committed to reaching anyone needing to press reset on body and mind. All archived classes will of course remain free to access or, at your discretion, payable by donation.

For those wanting to continue LIVE classes via Facebook, as of the 1st September 2020, Jaye’s bodyART® will be launching Jaye's Inner Circle - a monthly membership priced at just £10 a month with an anytime cancellation policy.

Whats included?

  • Exclusive access to Jaye's Inner Circle Facebook page

  • 3 x live-streamed bodyART classes per month

  • Access to classes on catch up for 60 days

  • 1 x 6-Day Challenge invitation every 2 months

  • A regular turnover of never before streamed classes

  • Exclusive invitations to workshops coordinated to compliment your holistic selfcare

A note from Jaye

‘To my bodyART® warriors near and far,

Through this time, we are all likely to experience feelings of demotivation and disorientation. Let me energise you and help you to feel centred by guiding your body and mind for 60 minutes. From my body to yours, I’ve got you xx’

WHAT is bodyART®?

As a generation of health aware and body-conscious people, we know that long-term results take time, dedication and hard work. For many, in the pursuit of always feeling accomplished, the weights need to get heavier, the workouts need to get longer and the sweat patches need to get bigger. The probability of injury, however, gets higher.


Nestled in the all-consuming nature of getting fit is an obligation to find the time to give your body some well deserved TLC, a ‘rest’ day, time to recover to later enhance your performance. Unfortunately ‘time to recover’, when you have a fitness goal feels, inevitably, lazy. Likewise, moving too soon after an intense workout can feel like a punishment.


bodyART® is the functional training system that eliminates the connundrum between exercise and recovery by putting sustainability in the driving seat. Direct from NYC, this fitness trend, by Robert Steinbacher, is designed to sculpt the body and mind for ultimate functionality and performance. When practiced regularly, bodyART® will break down incorrect movement patterns and break through supposed movement limitations as part of a sustainable lifestyle.


You can expect the same sweat intensity of a HIIT class fused with Physiotherapy and Yoga inspired exercises to train the whole body as a functional unit in one 60-minute experience. Following the Traditional Chinese Medicine principles of Yin and Yang, bodyART® leaves both bodies and minds feeling powerfully balanced.


Train with bodyART®. Reset and Sweat your body away from injury and towards mobility.

See Plans & Pricing for current class options

We hope to welcome you back to the studio very soon.  Check back here for updates.

WHERE is bodyART®?