WHAT is bodyART®?

Be so curious that your limits become limitless.

“There is nothing worse than injury tripping you up when you are in your physical training stride”


As a generation of health aware and body-conscious people, we know that long-term results take time, dedication and hard work. For many, in the pursuit of always feeling accomplished, the weights need to get heavier, the workouts need to get longer and the sweat patches need to get bigger. The probability of injury, however, gets higher.


Nestled in the all-consuming nature of getting fit is an obligation to find the time to give your body some well deserved TLC, a ‘rest’ day, time to recover to later enhance your performance. Unfortunately ‘time to recover’, when you have a fitness goal feels, inevitably, lazy. So, we skip it.


bodyART® is the functional training system that allows you to Reset on your Rest day. Direct from NYC, this fitness trend, by Robert Steinbacher, is designed to sculpt the body and mind for ultimate functionality and performance. If practiced regularly, bodyART® will break down incorrect movement patterns and break through supposed movement limitations.


You can expect the same sweat intensity of a HIIT class fused with Physiotherapy and Yoga inspired exercises to train the whole body as a functional unit in one 60-minute experience. Following the Traditional Chinese Medicine principles of Yin and Yang, bodies and minds are left feeling powerfully balanced. Stamina training challenges dynamic energies while strength and awareness exercises focus the mind and integrate a sweaty dose of restorative relaxation.


Train with bodyART®. Reset and Sweat your body away from injury and towards mobility.

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Prices from  £89

5 bespoke sessions in 5 days to  press reset on your automatic  function

WHERE is bodyART®?